Water Systems

  • Industrialized modular water purification in a proven design and technology
  1. ORION® has produced USP Purified Water and cold Water for Injection for 20+ years at 300+ cGMP facilities worldwide
  2. Excellence in project delivery with pre-validation, inspection, and quality management with the highest level of compliance
  3. With sustainability at its core featuring more energy-efficient pumps and RO concentrate recovery to save energy and water
  • Best-in-Class Technical Service and Local Support
  1. Maintenance and asset management provided by our Aquaservice™ program to maintain compliance and minimize risk.
  2. Cloud connectivity through Hubgrade to optimize operations, avoids costly shutdowns, and guarantee system uptime.
  3. Fastest response time with consumables, spare parts, chemicals, and mobile units available on-demand 24/7.
  • Global Scale and Strength to Reliably Meet Your Carbon Neutrality Goals
    • The peace of mind to work with a reliable partner trusted to decarbonize the operations of the top global biopharma companies
    • An integrated low-carbon offer to accelerate water and resource use reductions and net-zero emission targets.
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