Single-Use Containment

For the safety of the personnel and the protection of the product, the use of continuous liner is very effective and popular. The advantages include high product and personnel protection, easy handling, film material supplied to customer specifications, and optionally, up to 80 meters per unit.

Continuous Liner System CLS

Continuous Liner System CLS / CLCC

Our isolators are conceptualized, custom made and are suitable for dispensing, sampling and feed processes as well as special applications. The SafeFlex film-material offers a safe protection with high tear resistance and optimum properties for manual handling with tools. After the process, the isolator is closed and can be easily disposed of.

SafeFlex Isolator

With the Safeport Bag, we present the cheapest one way product with OEB 5 (<1 µg pro m³) Containment Level. Cleanroom production according to the state of the art guidelines with USP / EP certificates. Standard versions for pharmaceutical and chemistry version available. Special versions with sampling sleeve and customized films available. Volume variable from 5-40 liters available. No product loss during emptying.

SafePort TransferBag

This manual closure system consisting of clip, crimping and cutting tool, is the affordable solution to seal continuous liners. The user benefits from low investment and maintenance costs. The SafeSeal closure guarantees OEB-Level 5 values in combination with our continuous liner systems and is therefore one of the best manual closure systems.

SafeSeal Closure-System

SafeSeal Handling

Our SafeSeal system ensures safe and universal sealing of films (e.g. continuous liner). The SafeSeal opener extends the handling with this system by another function. A sealed film package can be reopened without additional cutting or the use of pointed tools. TheSafeSeal closure is then pushed apart with the SafeSeal opener and separated from each other in the shortest possible time.

SafeSeal Opener

In order to further develop the SafeSeal product range in reference to safety and ergonomics, the system has been expanded with the availability of an additional protective cap and a practical suspension system. Both tools are applicable with little effort.

SafeSeal Protective Cap and Suspension System

The SafeSeal Toolset is a locking system which is characterized by ergonomic handling, high work safety, universal usability and quality.
The SafeSeal Toolsets are available as standard as well as Premium INOX version.

SafeSeal Toolset Type 90 and Premium INOX Toolset

With the SafeStick, we guarantee a secure, cost effective and simple locking element for transfer bags of any kind and size. Completely made of PE. Guarantees tightness by special omega-profile. Available in different lengths. Usable for all bags.

SafeStick Closure-System

Our TransferBags meet the high requirements in the pharmaceutical and biotech sector and are responsible for the product transfer of small quantities. Depending on the application, the optimal connectivity and size of the TransferBags is selected. Standard versions are available in a permanent antistatic film and, if desired, the bags can also be manufactured in a clean room from a customer-specific film-material. The design ofthe TriClamps guarantees a complete emptying of thebag and thus ensures the maximum product yield.

Transfer Bags

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