M-Line: Mobile High Pressure Washer

The M-Line is a highly efficient, cost effective mobile high pressure washer by IWT. It is an ideal cleaning solution for bins, tanks and CIP, as well as a wide variety of processing equipment.

The M-Line combines high pressure and a low flow rate to minimize media consumption in cleaning. It features advanced technology and an innovative and light, ergonomic design, that is unparalleled with anything else on the market. The M-Line is a high performance cleaning solution thanks to the extraordinary mechanical action of the water supplied by a pump capable of generating almost 1200 psi at the nozzle tip(s) combined with a water flow rate as low as 9 gal/min for reduced water consumption. 

The M-Line features an on-board printer that generates a comprehensive batch report at the end of each washing cycle. As many as two dosing units and detergent tanks are housed inside the unit together with a low level sensor and flow meter for the most accurate dosage of chemicals during the washing stage of the cycle. Upon completion of the cleaning cycles, the piping is flushed with filtered, compressed air to eliminate any residue of water and prevent any growth of microbiological contamination when the unit is not in use.

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