Liquid Fill-Finish Platform

This Liquid Fill-Finish Platform is part of the Discover range, providing an ultra-compact and fully configurable, aseptic filling platform with check-weighing, designed to help customers develop and manufacture new drugs, therapies and devices at lower risk.

  • Ultra-compact: Fits easily into existing isolators
  • Integrates high-speed check-weight for 100% weight verification
  • Liquid fill, nitrogen flush and stopper on the same machine

Fills syringes, vials, cartridges and custom containers on the same machines.

Ultimate Flexibility in Aseptic Fill-Finish

The Liquid Fill-finish Platform is an ultra-compact liquid fill-finish platform with integrated high-speed weighing, desinged for development and GMP manufacture. The technology is ready to use in existing containment isolators, RABS and biosafety cabinets and provides 100% fill weight verification, enhancing product quality and regulatory compliance.

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