Lab-Scale CelCradle

CelCradle™ is a cost-effective, single-use, benchtop bioreactor system capable of supporting high density culture of anchoragedependent or adherent cells. It is the only single-used packed-bed bioreactor system that has linear scalability from laboratory scale to production scale, complete with automated cell harvesting. It can easily fit inside a 6ftCO2 incubator (for batch culture) or 8.5ft3 CO2 incubator (for perfusion culture).

CelCradle™ operates through the tide motion principle wherein cells, which attach to BioNOC™ II carriers, are alternately exposed to aeration and nutrition via the decompression and compression of the bellows holding the culture medium. The gentle vertical oscillation of the culture medium creates a dynamic interface between air and culture medium on the surface of the cells, providing the cells with an environment that is of extremely low shear stress, high aeration and nutrition levels, zero foaming, and no O2 limitation. This efficient nutrient and oxygen transfer is what allows the CelCradle™ system to produce high density cell yield.

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