COVID-19 Containment

COVID-19 Mass Screening Swab Booth

The COVID-19 Mass Screening Swab Booth is designed for the mass swabbing of asymptomatic carriers of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) virus. It provides enhanced protection for PUIs with some level of COVID-19 symptoms. MSSB is cost-effective and easy to deploy with a production cycle of minimum 10-50 units per week. This booth increases the number of diagnosed patients with an estimate of 12-15 swabs per hour, with consideration to consolation time.

Infectious Disease Diagnostic Sampling Booth

The Infectious Disease Diagnostic Sampling Booth controls exposure risk to harmful aerosols/airborne diseases by providing containment using airflow to capture and exhaust out aerosols from sputum expectoration, handing, sampling, or swabbing of asymptomatic carriers, patients under investigation that have some form of COVID-19 symptoms, which are borderline to other infectious diseases, and COVID-19 positive patients. This booth provides both operator/patient and environmental protection.

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