Chambers and Walk-In Rooms

Modular Controlled Environmental and Stability Walk-In Rooms and Chambers That Have Various Parameters Such as Temperature Control, rH, C02, Clean-Cold, Warm-Cold, and Dryness.

  • Stability Chambers
  • Photostability Chambers
  • Walk-In Rooms, Including -80C Biorepositories
    • True Clean-Room Refrigeration , 2N 100% Refrigeration Redundancy
    • Walk-In Temp, and rH Chambers
    • Walk-In Warm Rooms
    • Walk-In Cold Rooms
    • Walk-In Freezers to -80C
    • Walk-In Incubators 
    • ICH Stability Chambers
    • Shelf Life Study Chambers
    • HEPA Filtered Clean Cold Rooms
    • HEPA Filtered Clean Warm Rooms
    • Clean Room Refrigeration
    • Chambers for Bioreactors 
    • Shelf-Lighted Rooms
    • 1% and 2% Dry Rooms
    • Blast Freezers
    • Controlled-Rate Freeze-Thaw
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