Benchtop Aseptic Crimping Platform

This Benchtop Aseptic Crimping Platform is a part of the Discover Range, offering an ultra-compact, and fully configurable, aseptic crimping platform, with capping force measurement, designed for use in R&D and small-scale batch manufacturing.

  • Precision-quality crimping for vials, cartridges and custom containers
  • Minimal generation of particulates
  • Adjustable rotation and crimp speeds

This Rotary Crimper offers a bench-top machine designed for consistent and precision-quality crimping of vial, cartridges and custom containers, helping customers develop and manufacture new drugs and devices at low risk.

This technology is ready to use in existing containment isolators, RABS and biosafety cabinets and provides 100% stopper compression force verification, enhancing product quality and regulatory compliance.

Recognising the vial capping process to be a potentially critical operation during drug product manufacturing, the Rotary Crimper’s repeatable high precision process ensures consistent container closure integrity.

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